The Water for Wildlife Foundation + Mosaic Planning Group

The Water for Wildlife® Foundation appreciates support from diversified sources such as grants, sponsorships, fund raising events, as well as loyal donors to accomplish its goals. These goals include creating awareness of increased pressure on water resources necessary for the continued sustenance of wildlife, and to increase the availability of water for all wildlife in remote and arid regions of our country. Contributions by donors are critical to the ongoing need and deployment of these instrumental projects.

How can you help?

There are a myriad of ways our donors may provide financial support for Water for Wildlife Foundation projects. Direct gifting is a popular way many donors help us to fund water projects. Many of you have inquired about ways to better leverage your gifting, and there are resources available to assist you with finding the strategy that best fits your individual situation.

Who helps donors to leverage their gifts?

I recently met with Mosaic Planning Group. They are an independent insurance planning firm that assists individuals with their gifting goals. With their guidance, you can evaluate your situation, and implement efficient and creative ways to leverage your donations.

Choosing how to create your legacy is a very personal decision. If you are looking for a way to create an enduring legacy, while enjoying important tax benefits, charitable giving strategies may be a good choice for you. To learn more, contact Mosaic Planning Group today.

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